• Current Monthly Expenses



    The communication interface that connects all of our apps together.



    The most beautiful way to store data and create complex relationships between records. How I organize everything. Robust, well documented API allows it to be used as a database for our agenda app.

    Drafts iOS


    The input mechanism that allows me to capture thoughts, and transform them into tasks. For the Minimum viable agenda app, unfortunately for apple iOS only. When the custom agenda progressive web app is complete, it will be compatible for both apple and android, and this will no longer be needed.



    As the name says, to keep my sanity. Excellent email app that lets me receive email on my own terms, filtering into predefined lists.



    For the website you're reading now.

    Adobe Creative Cloud


    Mostly for Adobe After Effects Motion graphics animation application, but also others for miscellaneous tasks.

    Google Drive


    To host files.



    This fluctuates

    Manypixels Design Services


    Official Design Partner

    Stripe Payment Processing Fees


    Of all payments / donations

    AT&T Internet


    High speed 25mbps internet to allow for Livestreaming video and Screen share